The New Documentary Set to Tickle Australia's Sustainability Funny Bone / by Kylie Cobb

***26 September 2016  For immediate release ***

Show Us Ya Cups, a documentary series set to tickle our sustainability funny bones, will roll cameras from 1 October with an initiative aimed at changing our morning coffee routines for the better - “Show Us Ya Cups and Get A Coffee for Two Bucks”.

From 1-14 October, patrons who present their own, or purchase a ‘keep cup’ at participating coffee shops can save up to three bucks on their coffee, and more importantly save the environment from the ever-growing piles of harmful, disposable coffee cups hitting landfill every day.

“Australians use 1 billion disposable cups per year,” said series producer, Andrew Scott, “And with 95% of the ecological impact happening before it’s even used, re-engineering our cultural attachment to these cups is where a very real and substantial reduction in environmental harm can be made.”

The series follows the prickly, yet well-intentioned and humorous efforts of sustainability conscious ‘Uncle Bruce’, who has taken offence to our highly disposable coffee-cup culture.

“The Show Us Ya Cups series provides provocative, funny entertainment that encourages us to adopt reusable coffee cups for our daily takeaway and incidentally addresses personal stuff that really matters, like mental health and sustainable living,” said 35 year old Scott.

He said the series gives an impactful, entertaining alternative to “Australia’s got Talented Masterchefs and Bachelors on the Block”, which strives to reach audiences the serious, scientific documentaries have failed to reach.

Creator and filmmaker, Andrew Scott is for the first time sharing his personal experiences with mental health issues through Uncle Bruce’s cheeky, larrikin humour to inspire real, behavioural change.

Following a number of heartbreaking family tragedies, the first at just 14 when his mum died suddenly on Mothers’ Day, Andrew Scott’s life descended into a debilitating cycle of grief, stress, depression, substance abuse and domestic disturbances.

“Mine is unfortunately a story with a lot of tragedy but it is balanced equally in love and luck,” Mr Scott said, “I have become very interested in mental health, especially the issues which face young men in Australia today. I want to be an active part of the solution.

“Five years ago I was on my way to an early grave. Now I am the proud owner of an exciting entertainment media company doing something important,” he said.

“But my most significant accomplishments are invisible. They are the strategies and amazing support networks I have in place to manage the complex mental health challenges I face daily to keep being a sober, positive contributor to the world.

“So, let's drink coffee (in a sustainable, reusable cup of course) and let’s eat cake!”

$2 Coffees when you Show Us Ya Cups at participating cafes in Bulimba, Gold Coast and Ipswich from 1-14 October.  Head to for the full list of participating coffee shops near you.

Andrew Scott and Uncle Bruce are available for comment, interview and/or photographs. Photographs can be provided upon request.


Ambrosia & Co, Bulimba
The Park Bench Espresso Bar, Bulimba
The Riverbend Cafe, Bulimba

The Yard Cafe, Nobby Beach
Journeymen Coffee Roasters, Miami

Cactus Espresso Bar
Rafter and Rose
Deann's Coffee House




Andrew Scott, film producer and Show Us Ya Cups series creator

Andrew Scott, film producer and Show Us Ya Cups series creator

"Uncle Bruce" Australia's most endearing sustainability bogan

"Uncle Bruce" Australia's most endearing sustainability bogan


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