A jack of all genres, award-winning musical chameleon Skotty Fairclough is on a mission to bottle happiness and distill it to the world with the release of his debut, Hey Skotty single, Wonderful Morning, out digitally 8 November.

With its sunny Californian 60s pop disposition and rich instrumental arrangements reminiscent of The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers era, Wonderful Morning can't help but make you feel happy with its truly refreshing take on indie-pop.

"Skotty has an uncanny ability to write pop music that is unique yet undeniably has universal appeal. These tracks honestly reflect Skotty's kooky character and it was fun to produce them with him," said ARIA nominated co-producer, Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas, Dean Lewis, Sheppard).

With a proven ability to write and perform everything from hard rock and country to folk and funk, Skotty’s work has been featured everywhere from the first television series of Underbelly to leading national youth radio station Triple J and Stellar Entertainment's inflight programming.

It was in 2015 when work-induced stress saw Skotty home-bound watching endless hours of children's cartoons with his then 9-month old daughter, Alva, that he had an incredible epiphany - happiness-inducing pop music can change the world one smile at a time!

"I suddenly went from late nights to early mornings with my little ball of energy, Alva, and every day became about getting up and dancing for hours together listening to records and watching cartoons," says Skotty. 

"We developed a little morning ritual and I really started to look forward to it - the dancing, the animations and the way it made me remember the most important of all rules; just be happy!"

It didn't take long before he was back in the studio to write and produce Hey Skotty's debut pop single, Wonderful Morning, inspired by the new spring in his step and his daughter's sing-song approach to saying his name, 'da-da da-da', which forms the song's catchy chorus melody.

“I want Wonderful Morning to encourage people to jump out of bed and do something to seize the day, everyday. Doing something first thing to make yourself happy has so many benefits in terms of health, mindset and overall well-being.

“Happiness is the ultimate state of being. It can make light of a bad situation, breed immunity to adversity, and organically bring forth opportunity whilst requiring no investment. It's also transmittable; happiness breeds happiness. It snowballs, and the more of it you can generate, the greater amount you will find and receive.”

Just try not to smile and feel happy when you hear this song. We dare you!

Hey Skotty's debut single, Wonderful Morning is unapologetically out digitally on 8 November, with a fantastically happy music video out now on youtube.

Official Music Video

Hey Skotty is hugely positive in its lyricism, and filled with optimistic instrumentation that is in high demand in music licensing... It’s often difficult to source independent music of this type, so there are a lot of national and international opportunities for Hey Skotty.
— Tyler McLoughlan - Music Supervisor


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