Helmet Guitarist Joins Aussie Stoner-Rock Band Göatzilla / by Kylie Cobb

Announcement for Immediate Release

L-R: Jonny Kaos, Brien Timu, Ben Rippingale, Peter Mengede  Pic Credit: Ladyzilla

L-R: Jonny Kaos, Brien Timu, Ben Rippingale, Peter Mengede Pic Credit: Ladyzilla

Peter Mengede, founding member of New York alt-metal pioneers, Helmet, is teaming up with Brisbane hard rockers, Göatzilla for a string of 2016 tour dates and stint in the studio with Jeff Lovejoy (Powderfinger, The Cruel Sea, Regurgitator) to record the band’s debut EP.

"It's high-energy, riff-driven hard rock with a bunch of laid-back mates," said Mengede, "We're in it for the pure joy of playing live and loud, which really comes out in the music and makes it such a buzz for me to be part of."

Bass player and vocalist, Ben Rippingale said, “We're stoked to have Peter join the Göatz. He's got a massive sound that suits us perfectly and we have a ball playing together. The gigs & recording will be epic.”

A must for Motörhead and Dead Kennedys’ fans, Göatzilla is set to perform at the inaugural Fuzz Fest at Currumbin Creek Tavern, Gold Coast on 29 October and on 19 November at Grand Central Hotel, Brisbane for the Punktilious EP launch and New Years Day (1 Jan 2017) Metal of Honour at The Back Room, Chardons Corner Brisbane.

The band are available for interviews and photographs upon request.


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L-R: Jonny Kaos, Brien Timu, Ben Rippingale, Peter Mengede   Pic   Credit: Ladyzilla

L-R: Jonny Kaos, Brien Timu, Ben Rippingale, Peter Mengede Pic Credit: Ladyzilla

More About Göatzilla

Göatzilla! Australia’s only Atomic Mutant Göatpunk outfit is loud, heavy and smells nasty like a goat. Hailing from Brisbane, except for the bit that is on the Gold Coast, Göatzilla! features two guitars, bass & drums pumping out original music heavily influenced from the golden age of pub and garage rock of the seventies and eighties – bands like The Lime Spiders, Radio Birdman, The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, Motorhead, and of course AC/DC.

Goatzilla! is comprised of Jonny Kaos (Guitar, BV’s; formerly of Brisbane punk aficionados The Nitro Monks), Ben Rippingale (Bass, Vox), Brien Timu (Drums, BV’s) and now Peter Mengede (Guitar; formerly New York alt-metal pioneers Helmet, Handsome). Jonny and Ben met in late 2014 seeing how loud they had to play in Jonny’s spare room in Sunnybank Hills in order to crack windows and light fittings. They began writing songs together and quickly developed an extensive catalogue of hard rockin’ original tracks, featuring as many as three chords. As Ben’s singing sounded like Lemmy with his dick stuck in a woodchipper he was the obvious choice as vocalist, with Jonny taking on microphone duty for select tracks to relieve the pain for the audience.

Brien heard the din all the way from Wellington and came over to complain about the noise, and when they didn’t turn down he set about smashing all the drumsticks. He did so in such a powerfully rhythmic way he was quickly invited to join as drummer. Concerned he wasn’t making enough noise, he invested in a headset mic to bellow backing vocals into.

Göatzilla! sing of classic themes – Sex, Drugs, Dropbears, Killer Vaginas and BMI challenged strippers. With heavy infectious riffs, funky basslines, manic rhythms and tongues firmly jammed in their cheeks (and yours if you’re not careful), Göatzilla! plans to spread Atomic Mutant Göatpunk worldwide. They are born to play LIVE – pubs, parties, festivals, motor sports events, pole-dancing summits, tattoo unveilings, out-of-control baby showers or just opening a new six-pack, Göatzilla! should be first on your list of bands regardless of the occasion. Keep up to speed with all the Goat-inspired kaos by following them on facebook www.facebook.com/GoatzillaOZ