Australian singer, songwriter, director, partner and mother-of-three, Caprice Quinn, is calling on women to unite with her No More Silhouettes revolution, the song and music video created especially for International Women's Day, 8 March.

In collaboration with fellow Australian artists, Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra, Quinn proudly flies the flag for modern-day girl power with No More Silhouettes song sales on 2017 International Women's Day (IWD) going to Dress for Success, an organisation empowering women to achieve economic independence.

"The concept of strength and unity among women resonated so deeply I knew I had to create something very special," said the 30-year-old urban songwriter on creating the track for IWD.

"From tapping in to the emotions while writing and producing the song, to being on set with strong, beautiful women all working together on the video, the experience was an incredible and empowering journey for all of us. And now to be able to share it with the intention to help women find their feet is very exciting."

Written, produced and directed independently by Quinn and production partner Druovanni, No More Silhouettes is a metaphorical call to arms for "sisters all around the world to unite, illuminate and shine their light for a brighter future."

"We wanted to create a sound that embodies women's strength, courage and resilience against all odds,” said producer Druovanni, “The sentiment behind No More Silhouettes, the spirited and powerful delivery of each performer and the potent message behind Kaylah Truth's rap. It all hit the right notes."

The film clip is set in an underground bunker, which Caprice said characterises, "all the potential that lies within women, despite constant, varying degrees of oppression and gives us a place to rise from."

Quinn said the song holds a bittersweet meaning for her, "On the one hand, I felt so alive and in my element creating this anthem for women, but at the very same time, I was losing the most important woman in my life, my Mum."

Since losing her mother to cancer last year, Caprice says she feels proud and comforted by the lyrics in No More Silhouettes knowing they "reflect the woman she was and the woman I aspire to be."

On the back of releasing her debut album, Le Femme, Caprice Quinn's ode to the strength of the feminine spirit is a reminder that in the International Women’s Day quest for gender parity, we all - men, women and children - have a positive role to play.

Thought provoking and inspiring, No More Silhouettes is the sonic spark of a revolution; with features from Aussie rap queen, Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra, this all-women collaboration celebrates and supports International Women's Day in its call to be #BeBoldForChange on March 8.


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On set for  No More Silhouettes  music video L-R Elena Wangurra, Kayla Truth, Caprice Quinn

On set for No More Silhouettes music video L-R Elena Wangurra, Kayla Truth, Caprice Quinn

Caprice Quinn on set for the No More Silhouettes film clip.

Caprice Quinn on set for the No More Silhouettes film clip.

On the set filming  No More Silhouette s video clip. L-R Josef Ruskli,&nbsp;Elena Maria Wangurra,&nbsp;Kaylah Truth, Caprice Quinn.

On the set filming No More Silhouettes video clip. L-R Josef Ruskli, Elena Maria Wangurra, Kaylah Truth, Caprice Quinn.

Caprice Quinn Ft. Kaylah Truth & Elena Wangurra


Ladies, the time has come
To show the world our power
For far too long we have lived in the shadows


If you are hearing this transmission
You have been chosen
Illuminate. Shine.
The Revolution Has Begun

They can try and cast a shadow
But it would be a waste of time
Cause darkness grew to be my ally
It taught me what I need to shine

They can try and cast a shadow
But I’m afraid their out of luck
Cause deep inside there’s something stirring
And I’m about to light it up, light it up, oh

No More Silhouettes
No More Silhouettes
No More Silhouettes

Let go

We bout to light it up, light it up

If they try to cast a shadow
Just know I’ll be right by your side
Let me illuminate the power
And show you what it means to thrive

If they try to cast a shadow
They must be living in the past
We on the verge of revolution
It’s evolution, Our Time at Last 

With every imperfection I'm so perfect
Strength goes round and round on point, pirouette
Love unconditional like Juliet
Sans shadow they will see no more silhouette
In the flesh, all of me in full effect
A free thinking Queen who will no accept
That they prefer my mouth, heart and brain to not connect
So now they're comin' for my head - Marie Antoinette
No more sticking' to the border
No more baby in the corner
The box they tried to put me in?
I ripped it out of order!
I'm on my Truth now and false was the former
Hold me to my word - go on and hit record (uh)
My fire's been burnin, do they not see my flame?
Or do they feel the heat so they feel the need to tame?
Adjust my crown, step, I'm here stakin' my claim
I got a throne in sight and it's wearin' my name

Mothers and sisters
Ladies all around the world
Hear the calling, there’s no more stalling
Time to let your wings unfurl

A mighty flame follows a tiny flicker
A single thought can give birth to something much bigger
So close your eyes, find your light, let your soul ignite
No More Silhouettes, we’re shining far to bright


Written by Caprice Quinn
Rap Feature written and performed by Kaylah Truth
Transmission intro written and performed by Elena Maria Wangurra
Music Produced by Druovanni Defoe
Executive Producers: Druovanni Defoe & Caprice Quinn (CAPOVANNI)
Music Video filmed and edited by David Fischer from Que Films
Music Video written and directed by Caprice Quinn


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