Social Media Workshop To Power-Up Gold Coast / by Kylie Cobb

19 November 10am-1pm
The Avalon, Gold Coast

Three hours of social media power with the team from Blank GC and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Let us power up your social media efforts and unleash your inner extrovert.

For just $69 early-bird we'll spend three hours exploring exactly how to make the most of your social media assets. We'll share an easy eight-step process and give you our Five Cs of Killer Social Media Content.

This workshop has been specifically pulled together with creative workers, musicans, artists and grass roots entrepreneurs in mind.

You'll learn hands-on skills TO UNLEASH YOUR INNER [SOCIAL MEDIA] EXTROVERT and master the art of social media, as we cover:

  • How to be strategic
  • How to creatively engage your fans (and work out who they are in the first place)
  • How to get the best bang for your social media buck
  • How to be effective and efficient

Plus you'll get:

> The Ultimate Social Media Power-Up Planning Template and
> Our Social Media Cheat Sheet packed with post/campaign ideas
> Real life examples of how we have used social media to achieve campaign wins

Join Kylie Cobb and Samantha Morris who'll personally ensure you unleash your social media beast.

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