Music Launch Summit, The World's Largest Virtual Music Conference, Starts Today! / by Kylie Cobb

We're a bit excited at camp Kitty... TODAY marks the start of the world's largest virtual music conference, Music Launch Summit! Over 40 industry experts helping you nail your next launch. And, Kylie Cobb's session, "Power up Your Profile, Drive Fan Engagement and Get Recoginsed" streams Monday 26 September. Tune in at 8pm AEST for the opening Keynote.

Each day between September 13th & October 4th new sessions will be available to watch online, FOR FREE, for up to 72 hours.

Tap in to nearly 50 master classes over 3 weeks with the brightest minds in the music business covering every aspect of launching a music career and new release, from recording to marketing to performing to the business side of things.

These pros from all over the world give you the tools to make sure your release is heard above the noise; as well as giving insights into how people have built careers for themselves in the industry.

Join us! There's no catch. Just a bunch of people really passionate about supporting others in the industry. Get the full schedule & your free pass now at \m/