Just One Week 'Til The Power-Up Series Hits Brisbane! / by Kylie Cobb

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang has partnered up with Gold Coast music industry ledge, Sam Morris to run kick-arse marketing and media workshops for musos and other creatives - The Power-Up Series.

The Power-Up Series sold out on the Gold Coast with great feedback! And we are so pumped to be powering up Brisbane next week, Thursday 29 Sept 10am-12:30pm at Battery Station Fortitude Valley.

If you are working in the creative industries, we definitely think you should consider coming along! In next week's Brisbane Boot-Camp, we talk about the power of profile, showing you:

  • How to Get Your Mug in the Media
  • How to Brand the Sh*t out of Your Stuff
  • How to Unleash Your Social Media Extrovert
  • How to Harness the Powers of Superfans
  • How to Secure Powerful Partnerships

Sounds good right? Reserve your spot now! Can you think of a mate who could benefit from a media and marketing power-up? Why not share this with them? They'll thank you for it!

It's 2.5 hours. We keep it personal, punchy and practical. Sam wears her docs, I tell inappropriate jokes. But most importantly people walk away with some cool info they can implement straight away that aims to earn them more fans, more $$$ and attract greater opportunities.

Since doing our workshop, we've seen people engage their fans to win awards, get their mugs on television and create some pretty awesome partnerships. 

Would so appreciate your support in spreading the word so I can get up on my soap box haha! Nah, I really do just want to help more artists raise their profiles.

Here's the link: www.thepowerupseries.com It's only 59 bucks 'cos we got kids to feed AND it's totally worth both our weights in gold!