Early-Bird Power-Up Prices End Sunday / by Kylie Cobb

Flex your Media & Marketing muscles - The Power Up Series Boot-Camp is coming to Brisbane next week baby! And, early-bird ticket prices are ending this Sunday. So, be sure to book now before the price goes up.

Unlike that gym membership you pay for continuously and use occasionally, The Power Up Series Boot-Camp will whip your knowledge of media and marketing into shape in just 2.5hrs giving you tools you will use continuously in building your creative biz. 

In this power-packed workshop, the first of which sold out, we’ll show you HOW TO POWER-UP YOUR INDUSTRY PROFILE with the '5 Pillars of a Bangin' Profile':

  1. How to Get Your Mug in the Media

  2. How to Harness the Powers of Super-fans

  3. How to Brand the Sh*t out of Your Stuff

  4. How to Unleash Your Inner Social Media Extrovert

  5. How to Secure Powerful Partnerships

Numbers are strictly limited, so please register now if you're keen!

On a mission to power-up creatives, Blank GC, Wombat Creative, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang and AAA Backstage have teamed up to get you media ready and marketing savvy with The Power Up Series Boot-Camp launching in Brisbane next week, and returning to the Gold Coast in October.

Delivered by two of the region’s go-to media and marketing gurus, Kylie Cobb and Sam Morris, the workshop will leave you inspired and ready to grow your fan-base, earning potential and attract bigger and better opportunities to do what you do best - create!

So if you’re looking to power-up your creative career without the price tag of hiring the big guns, register now for the early bird price of just $59.

Early bird prices end this Sunday (normal price $69, actual value $250, real benefits immeasurable), so get in quick before this baby sells outs.

We'd be so grateful if you can please let others know too, maybe invite a friend or two?

Power-UP and rock on legend,

Kylie and Sam