The Awakening by Phil Barlow and The Wolf


The Awakening by Phil Barlow and The Wolf


The Awakening, the sophomore album by Brisbane/ Gold Coast band Phil Barlow and The Wolf, is a musical feast of the gritty, growling notes and tones, hooky rock riffs and flavors of funk/reggae that have fans literally howling for more at live shows. This ten-track follow up from the band's 2012 debut album, Phoenix Rising, is a natural progression, lyrically and musically. Phil Barlow's songwriting remains fearless and unashamedly reflects his personal experiences, exploring themes of ego, love, desire, self-belief and emotional freedom. Musically, the album captures a strong, full, groove-inducing sound.

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The Awakening by Phil Barlow and The Wolf - Track Listing:

  1. Faith or Fear
  2. Hit The Road
  3. Primitive Urges
  4. Bold Sea Eagle
  5. Someone To Love
  6. I'll Howl You Babe
  7. Off My Lips
  8. Soul Sapped Love
  9. Heave
  10. Shovelling Coal