Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is an Australian based PR agency hell-bent on powering up musicians and major music events with killer publicity. 


Our goal isn’t to make you fit the mould (how boring would that be?) but rather to work closely with you to strategically and creatively raise your industry profile and reach greater audiences by getting your mug in the right media, at the right time and for the right reasons.

We work with emerging and established musicians and music events across a range of disciplines and genres from rock to folk, electronic, pop, soul and blues. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang works with creatives who are awesome at what they do, committed to long-term, sustainable careers and value being part of a greater music family.

Feel free to have a look around, call us for a drink, shoot an email, hit us up on the socials or say hi at the next gig, conference, festival or industry thang...we'd love to hear about you.


What Do We Do?


We live, breathe and love a good story. And just as well, because getting your mug in the media is all about the story. From album launches to video releases, tours, new products, events and announcements, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang focuses on generating quality media coverage with professional, strategic planning and publicity to maximise your impact.

Who Are We?

team kitty.jpg

At Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, personalised campaigns, with a strong focus on building and maintaining authentic, long-lasting relationships with our clients and external colleagues. A bunch of professionals passionate about helping others grow their creative businesses, Team Kitty is helmed by Kylie Cobb, a publicist, marketer, graphic designer, music writer and bass enthusiast, with a talented team supporting your success.

What Do They Say?

We could wax lyrical to you about ourselves, but how much better is it to hear from others who have worked with Kitty?  That is, afterall, what publicity is about - the power of other people saying how awesome you are...or goes...