JAMES NORTH / by Tomika Steele

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An accomplished producer, engineer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, James North works with international publishing houses, global TV networks and has produced hundreds of projects, making him one of Australia's most sought-after talents. 

Since launching his Australian recording studio in 2003, James North's ability to turn around high quality live instrument pieces, to brief, within deadlines has him signed to publishing deals in USA, UK and Canada, as well as compose original pieces for Nickelodeon, HBO, ESPN and NBC.

North's ability to play every instrument in a band to session standard, in all genres, together with world-class studio equipment, sees him work with some of Australia's most promising talents, including Ellen Reed (The Voice), Damien Leith (Australian Idol), Kahl Wallis (The Medics) and Ana Marina (Australian Soprano).

Dude - holy s**t! The song sounds amazing!
— Danny T Levin - Horns (Vampire Weekend, Regina Spektor, Snoop Dogg)

With reliable, high-end results that earn his clients regular airplay on national and international radio networks and industry praise, James has become an expert in his field, invited to speak and judge for various competitions, conferences and Awards.

James studied music from a young age with the Australian Jazz greats, playing drums, bass, guitar, keys and percussion, in all genres, before discovering his true home in the studio behind the dials.

"For a short period, I worked in studios as a session musician and noticed a lot of things I'd be doing differently if I were in the producer's chair," says James, "Then I saw Prince perform live, saw how inspiring he was and thought, if I could inspire other people in the same way through my art or by helping their art become its best - I knew I wanted to do it."

With a brand new studio in the making and his best work to date set for release later this year, James North is an in-demand, "genius producer" with an insatiable thirst for new projects.


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