EVOL WALKS / by Kylie Cobb

"The Dark horse of Woodstock", "feisty" and "unapologetic raw epics" are just some of the things being said of this Australian riff-rock five-piece.

Already leaving their mark on Australian rock history, Evol Walks didn’t shy away from the recent opportunity to be the first ever unsigned Aussie band to play the main stage at one of Europe's largest rock festivals, Pryztenak Woodstock.

Earmarked by global rock industry tastemakers as a band to watch, Evol Walks are loud, raw and memorable. Fronted by red-headed Aussie powerhouse, Leah Martin-Brown, this band are bringing rock back to its roots.

“It’s been a kick-arse year for us so far,” Martin-Brown said.

“First the Global Rock Summit in Hollywood. Then Jackie Barnes started hitting the skins for us. And we just played to 200,000 fricking people at Woodstock! We just can’t wait to turn it up another notch in Oz to tour our debut EP, The Other Side, next month.”

Woodstock was the band’s first outing with new drummer Jackie Barnes, who is highly regarded across the globe as a relentless and formidable powerhouse behind the kit.  

Formed in Australia and now based in Los Angeles, these quintessential Aussie rockers have spent the past twelve months in Hollywood California, recording a new EP with award-winning producer Brian Howes (Airbourne, Hinder, Simple Plan, Daughtry). Evol Walks have shared the stage with some of the best acts in the world including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Killers and Dead Letter Circus and supported the likes of Everclear and The Presidents of The United States of America. Pairing impressive lyrics with powerful female vocals and catchy riffs, Evol Walks are set to create a buzz in World rock scenes. 

With the first two singles enjoying worldwide airplay earlier in the year, Evol Walks are set to launch their musical assault on Australia in September with a 9-date tour in support of the EP's release, now available on iTunes.

Buzzed [the single] comes at you in spurts of unapologetic raw epics. It’s Monster Magnet at their most accessible, Stone Sour before the first breakup – it’s nuanced and decisive.
— The Music Network

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Evol Walks at Woodstock