Imagine falling asleep on the lounge-room floor, cans on, listening to records, feeling safely and serenely cocooned in a world of sound. Can you see it? Feel it?

A fond childhood memory fixed firmly in the minds and hearts of Gold Coast band, City Over Sand, this is the kind of experience their debut 11-track alt-pop-rock album, Good Grief will inspire when it is released 23 September.

Good Grief began two years ago when bandmates, Keshan (drums) and Hosking (guitar/piano) rallied around to support songwriter, Dan Carroll following the loss of his father to cancer.

"This album is about family, friends and asking questions that will never be answered," Carroll said, "That’s it really. Good Grief is about life, death and therapy through song, conversations and connection."

To deal with his father's death, Carroll had to dive deep and writing this album with his close friends and bandmates turned out to be the perfect  therapy. "For two years Blindboy Studios was a haven of late night philosophy and music-making that provided an outlet for the rigours of modern life. It was a bright light in a dark room," he said.

Reviews of the lead single Look For Me, released earlier this year, drew comparisons to "Radiohead's gentler moments" and was touted a "world-class product", leaving much anticipation for the impending album release.

"Never before has the band been so invested in the music we create together," said Carroll, singer, songwriter and guitarist, "The stories are true, the feelings real and we are  so excited to finally share it with everyone."  

City Over Sand are most excited about releasing the album on vinyl. "Wanting to recreate the magic of the vinyl we experienced as kids was instrumental in our decision to produce a full length album in the first place," said producer, Brad Hosking. 

The guys said they also love the "physical nature and theatre of vinyl. From the magical crackle and hum as the needle touches down, to that familiar sound of the arm lifting, then to flipping it over to do it all again."

"There's no skipping to the song you heard online or whatever is trending! It's an old-fashioned commitment to listen from start to finish and that is how we envisage our listeners being introduced to Good Grief."  

City Over Sand are celebrating the release of their debut album, Good Grief with three shows on the Gold Coast:

  • Saturday 24 September Blindboy Studios Listening Party 3pm
  • Friday 7 October Miami Marketta 7pm
  • Friday 28 October Nightquarter, Helensvale 7pm

The band are currently seeking interviews, reviews and airplay.

Brad Hosking, Dan Carroll and Jules Keshan are available for interviews and photographs. Please find below images and MP3 files approved for immediate media download and use.

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Approved for immediate download and use


Dan Carroll | |M 0414 600 968

Brad Hosking | | M 0419717441