CAPOVANNI / by Kylie Cobb

A powerhouse production duo, Caprice Quinn and Druovanni Defoe, collectively known as Capovanni, are taking no prisoners when it comes to making music on their terms, starting with their double album debuts in 2016.

Le Femme and The Maestro. Two powerfully contrasting, yet complementary debut albums from two equally independent yet intertwined artists, upcoming urban hiphop, R&B producers and long-term partners in family life. 

With the alluring musical hallmarks of Jhene Aiko mixed with Aaliyah's cool, sexy demeanor, Quinn's Le Femme is a slow-burn, sensuous R&B exploration of femininity, touted by media as, "the urban siren call 2016 was waiting for."

Druovanni’s The Maestro is rich in Golden Era hip-hop and RnB, with subtle Neo-Soul and New Jack Swing influences, a must for fans of the 90s sound and legendary production heavyweights like Timbaland, The Neptunes, J-Dilla, Dr. Dre and De'Vante Swing

The Maestro takes a dark tone from the outset with tracks Angel and Well It Iz giving a solid impression of who Druovanni is; a smart rhyming, smooth-flowing storyteller with no fake at all.
— Music Is My Muse

As truly independent artists, everything this productionpowerhouse have accomplished is self-taught, self-produced and self-funded, a feat Druovanni says has been, "integral to preserving creative purity and control of our music and direction."

The dynamic duo have spent the past decade raising their young family together while working behind-the-scenes in their home studio honing their skills in all facets of music production and now, are on a mission to make their mark on the Australian urban music scene.

“We haven't followed the normal route of budding music artists,” says Caprice of their decision to take time away from the industry.

“We felt it was so important to spend that time learning about ourselves and who we really are as artists, not to mention parents. So we’re returning to the industry with a strong identity and a sound that's truly our own.”

Le Femme by Caprice Quinn and The Maestro by Druovanni are available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.






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