10 easy must-dos for emerging artists who are breaking into the music industry:

You've formed a band, you've got a name, you may have gigged around a bit…now what?!

1. Branding

We know you didn't become a musician just to end up thinking about marketing, advertising, or consumer psychology. However, branding is key to looking pro and legit, attracting your fans, promoters & media to all your social media, merchandise, and most importantly to your music.

Consider how recognisable these logos are. Consistent and iconic branding baby!

2. Booking Gigs

Get a booking agent and play as many gigs as possible, big or small. Local venues such as cafes and boutique bars tend to prefer to speak to a manager or agent to book original music. Less time and effort for them researching bands. The more gigs you can get the better in order to grow your fan base. So by the time you launch your first album you'll attract a good crowd. Get Kitty Kitty Bang Bang to book your gigs ->

3. Social Media

Assess your social media presence. Ideally you'll at least have a band website, which includes a press specific page, and a Facebook page. However, you should also consider starting Twitter and Instagram accounts, as some fans prefer to communicate through these mediums and they'll be happier if they can stick to their favorite sites. Ensure your branding is consistent across all your sites, and ensure they each include links to each other. And for pete's sake, don't just redirect your Facebook feed to the others :( Talk to us about how to use each social media platform for max benefit ->

4. Bio

Write a killer bio. Or better yet, have a professional do it for you. Nothing stops a promoter faster than a band bio that sounds like, "The Blah Blahs don't know what genre they fit into. They're rebels without a cause. Played in garages. Played for dozens of people. Jack on vocals and guitar grew up in Imbil and will kick your ass. Jenny on bass is a minx. Lou on drums is almost as full-bodied as his own hairy chest. The band got together after Billy, our previous bassist quit and stole all our equipment. It's been a wild ride. Come watch us play!" Actually, that's not all that bad - we can't even write a bad bio when we try!! Get us to write yours ->

5. Photos

Invest in professional photography!


beats this....

bad band photography.jpg

Get our talented photographers on the go for you ->

6. Videos

If the only video footage you have of your band is a dodgy iPhone recorded live set from when the singer's microphone wasn't loud enough and the guitarist dropped his pick....don't add it to your website. If you have quality videos, get yourself a Youtube account and start linking that to your existing social media. Include videos in your posts and newsletters and applications to promoters. Ask about our live show videography and professional music clips ->

7. Press Kit

Write press releases. It's a one-pager that you'll need for every major event and release and the more press contacts you send it to, the better exposure you'll get = more opportunities & more fans = more $$. Check out these EPKs by Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, super professional and makes it so easy for media to promote you ->

8. Mailing List

Set up a mailing list. Facebook announcements are great, but they don't reach everyone. Mailchimp is a great way to have all your contacts in one place and customise your mail-outs or announcements to include your branding. But you need to allocate a few hours to setting it up and creating your email templates - or bribe your brother, a fan or Mum to do it for you! Can't be effed and have dough to burn? Get Kitty to do it for you ->

9. Music

Get your music EVERYWHERE! Triple j unearthed, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. It may seem like overkill but it gives you access to different audience types. Let people stream your music for free. Let's be honest, how much music do you purchase without hearing it first? Exactly. Let them love you for free and they'll eventually pay to either see you live or buy your next album.

10. Like us!

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