Kylie Cobb | Publicist, marketer, graphic designer, music writer, trainer & speaker

Recently hailed by ABC Brisbane as one of the leading women behind Australia's booming music scene, Kylie Cobb a.k.a Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is hell-bent on powering-up creatives with strategic, creative publicity, marketing and graphic design. 

With degrees in International Business and Education, a spell as a primary school teacher, six years in corporate marketing, specialist training with one of Australia's leading investigative journalists and three years devoted to the music industry, Kylie is fast becoming a go-to media and marketing expert.
Described as the perfect story-teller with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share, Kylie recently partnered up with Blank GC Editor and communications expert, Sam Morris, to launch The Power-Up Series: Marketing & Media Workshops for Creatives.

Helping young adult cancer survivors to rock their treatment scars, Kylie donates her time as Director of PR & Marketing for Scar Stories, an exciting, dynamic not-for-profit organisation.

Kylie also shares her insights, tips and more as a monthly music columnist in independent street-press, Blank GC and writes for Australia's premier online music news source, Tone Deaf.


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Strategic planning
Raising your industry profile
Graphic design
Women in business/ music industry
Music interviews and reviews