Rated by the Aussie press as one of the leading women behind Australia's booming music scene, Kylie Cobb a.k.a "Kitty" a.k.a "KC", is hell-bent on powering-up creatives with strategic, creative publicity. 

With degrees in International Business and Education, a spell as a primary school teacher, six years in corporate marketing, specialist PR training with one of Australia's leading investigative journalists and four years devoted to the music industry, Kylie is fast becoming a go-to music media and marketing expert.
Described as the perfect story-teller with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share, Kylie recently partnered up with Blank GC Editor and communications expert, Sam Morris, to launch The Power-Up Series: Marketing & Media Workshops for Creatives in a bid to help emerging artists ready themselves for professional services by raising their industry profile.

Helping young adult cancer survivors to rock their treatment scars, Kylie donates her time as Director of PR & Marketing for Scar Stories, an exciting, dynamic not-for-profit organisation.

Kylie also shares her insights, tips and more as a monthly music columnist in independent street-press, Blank GC and writes for Australia's premier online music news source, Tone Deaf. |


On a mission to revolutionise music media, Tomika Steele (better known by her media moniker ‘Mimm’) is passionate about bringing local, Australian music to the masses.

Once on the receiving end of a job proposition in national security, Tomika uses her media, PR, marketing and super-sleuth research skills to scout out and hook up the hottest media opportunities for Kitty Kitty Bang Bang clients.

With a desire to unearth the musical talents of tomorrow, Tomika launched Queensland’s premier music news website Music Is My Muse in 2015. As Editor she champions local music, and is fast becoming a tastemaker known for her commitment to giving quality artists a fair go.

Since entering the media and communications world as a teenager, Tomika has also worked on campaigns for World Vision, managed street teams, trained public speakers and graduated with degrees in Psychology (Honours) and Communication.

I'm sure we don't need to tell you that Tomika is an absolute gun on the Kitty team. |


A former advertising and marketing assassin in the corporate arena, Emilia Lorena brings her killer closing skills to secure Kitty Kitty Bang Bang clients top notch radio interviews, airplay and coverage. 

Recently joining the team from Sydney, Emilia has left the corporate world to follow her first passion - working with local creative startups to build thriving, sustainable businesses.

From traditional techniques to contemporary art forms, Emilia Lorena is a Macrame Queen, successfully building her own creative business offering workshops, styling and custom installations.

With Emilia on the dial, there's no doubt Kitty Kitty Bang Bang clients are represented to the highest degree of professionalism, establishing and maintaining strong relationships in the media for now and into the future. |